Friday, March 26, 2010

No Me Ames - Love is Color Blind

No me Ames ( Don't love me)
An old song from J-Lo, but it has fully meaning.
Flash back to few years ago.. When me and my sister enjoyed this song, we had an idea to learn Spanish language.
It is pretty cool when you can speak multi language. :) :)

I feel, song could engaged different people into one soul.
Even though we have different tone color, different language, and different perception towards each other
, but song could emerged it.

The other song: Love is Color Blind by Sarah Corner & TQ..

When I seek for the official MV - This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.
Well, I am quite disappointed with this.. Last year, when I seek this song in Youtube, the MV was still there..
*Sigh.. It was really a good video clip.. The picture show how's our love to be unity.
The lyrics remind us about NO more discrimination.

"It don't matter if your black,
white or yellow, if your brown or red
Let's get down to that
Love is color blind"

A good beginning for us to understand that We are all are the same.. and it's time to change, yow..
Even though it is easy to say out about this..
But to be honest, I am still I am..
The perception that grown up from I was young, made me hard to change it..

(It could be a random thinking AGAIN, when I need to do some important stuff)
But I am happy to share those songs..
Hope all of you like it too.. =) :) ;)

Happy Weekendd.... ~~~~

(when everybody are tired and stress,
turn on ur iTunes and lets listen to music..
It could help you to release your stressful)

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