Monday, March 1, 2010

I might be MIA for a few months or maybe a year or whatever how long that was.

But I am still ALIVE! I can breath and  smell the fresh air in the morning.

I can cooked my breakfast and went to college for the first day in 2010. Well, I wish these will be a good step for me to continue another 1.5 years a head. 

This is maybe a tough beginning for me or the rest too(i guess), but I believe we can pass through this all together.

This is our bridge to start seeking an information for the next steps.

Watch out and aware of your chances. There's a  lot and bunch of chances out there! Catch it and improve it! 

Study smart, play hard, and work hard too! 

Keep it up, world...!

I am back for my real world. How bout you?

Love you! =)

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