Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its been a new day for me.
Time has been changed and keep ticking without permission.

Another day is started and I am still over here.
I have a new change to renew my oldies days to be a great one.
I did a lot mistakes (uncountable i guess) I believe so do you.
What would you do to erase your mistakes? To clear all your sins?

None of us in this world are clean from sinfulness. I believe on that.

After you promise to do not repeat the same things, will you guarantee you won't do it again?

Lets start to count our mistakes start from you were baby. I was born like a small tiny baby, white or pinkish (I am not sure about this)* I was just like a blank paper. No ink, no dust, and no stink on it. It was clear and clean. I am proud when I was born into this world. I am a new member in my family where I belongs to. I am a new happiness for them. Slowly I grew up to learn how to smile, say 'Mama' & 'Papa', and bla bla bla Till now, i am sitting in degree level for better education. And how about the clear paper last time? Ow, you can imagine the paper is being an old paper and it was full with ink and dusty. Can you imagine that?

Life is stiff and you need to survive to fulfill your journey. No matter what, He is still with you rite here and keep an eye to protect you. That's what his duty on you.

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