Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to 2010

The Ultimate December 2009 with my beloved, family, and best friends.

I believe these pics gonna be my history, the unforgettable moment for me and for the rests.

Something special doesn't mean expensive or exclusive.

Just a simple plan with the greatest people around you, it makes ordinary day to be extra ordinary. 

The time passed by and yesterday became a history for me.

19.12.09 (Dad and sister, in her wedding) ^^
Happy Wedding and have a good one in build your new family. :)

My 20th birthday, thank you people! :)



Merry X'Mas in the town with craziest people in the world. :)
Thanks for the cake, anyway.. =)

Christmas present from bf =)
(Thanks for my birthday present too, di do! :) I like it! Thanks a lottt!!! :) :))

It doesn't make sense, but I believe on this:
The older you are, the harder problem will come and chase you.


Welcome to 2010 =)

Today is the tenth days of 2010,
What's your wishes then?

Hang your wishes as high as you can and as much as you can
 Learn how to fly and reach it so that you will be success in the future.

Stay healthy people, 
Take care 
and Toddles.. ^^ 

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